Paradox Evo 48-192 Access and Alarm Unit

  • Security for your Home and Business

The EVO security system can protect up to 192 points of detection for maximum security in your home or business. Your security professional can help you decide how much of that security is necessary for your individual space and requirements. You can always start small and expand your security as your needs grow; with EVO adding to your security is simple.

• Sensor contacts for your doors and windows

• Keypads allow you to access and control your security from multiple areas

• Motion detectors secure your yard, parking lot, living spaces, offices and almost any other indoor or outdoor area that you choose

  • Separate Areas, Separate Security

Whether a residential or commercial application, EVO can protect up to 8 separate areas under one roof. At home, provide round-the-clock security for your pool to ensure children don’t wander in while you are not supervising and at the same time keep your house unarmed. At work keep offices secured while Production remains unarmed and fully staffed.

• Ideal for businesses with multiple sectors or departments and multi-tenant homes where separate security is a must

• Provide varying levels of security to different areas of your house or business

  • Combining Security with Access Control

Including access control in your protection package gives you additional control over who has access to your premises, even when your security system is not armed and you aren’t there to supervise. Limit access to certain areas, disallow access to others or control entire groups of people according to their schedule or privileges.

• Make your premises inadmissible to all except those with access cards

• Track anybody who enters your premises (up to 999 people)

• Print detailed reports of access control activities

• Arm and disarm your security system with an access card, instead of a keypad

Remote Control Convenience
With remote controls, your security becomes that much more convenient. Personalize each remote to control your most commonly used functions and help avoid false alarms by providing a simplistic approach to security.
• Arm or disarm your system with a touch of a button
• Open and close peripheral enclosures like your gate
or garage
• Generate a panic alarm
• If you are securing two separate areas, like an upper
and lower apartment in the same building, each
resident can control their own individual security with a
separate remote control

Internet and Cellular Communications

Convenience and management are key when it comes to controlling your security. With the Internet Module and GPRS/GSM Module you can monitor and control your system through an internet web page and via text messages (SMS).

• Receive notification of an alarm, trouble or system status change (arm/disarm) via e-mail or text message (SMS)

• Monitor the status of your system by using the Internet Module’s built-in web page

• Arm and disarm your system by using the Internet Module’s built-in web page or by sending a text message (SMS) to your system