We understand that sometimes a quick check is needed to make sure your site and assets are okay. It can be a quick visual inspection or a more through walk around making sure doors and windows are secured and there isn’t anybody unauthorised loitering around. Other times loved ones or valued staff members are on their own and maybe at risk for such a situation we also offer our mobile patrol services to alleviate concerns and reduce the risk of any harm.

When a risk has been identified and an alarm is raised we are there to respond. he best response is a well thought out and pre-determined one, that’s why we sit down with you and work out all possible actions and reactions when we are initially engaged as your mobile patrol team.

“Our business is to take care of your business”

Most of our Mobile Patrol clientele are SME business and large corporations who take up our offer of flexible packages and competitive rates. Give us a call or send us an email as we our only too happy to come to your business for a site inspection and make you an offer, all free of charge.