IR Concept 4000 Alarm and Access Controller

Concept 4000 is a modular integrated hardware platform offering you an expandable, flexible and highly secure Access Control, Security/Intruder Detection and Automation package.


  •  Operation on a proprietary encrypted RS485 LAN
    A system built around a Control Module with your selection of LAN modules. Typically, this will include input/output expanders, access control modules, keypads, RF modules and communication modules
  • Advanced security features. Sophisticated input processing, wireless device support and a significant range of reporting options
  • Comprehensive access features. Fully redundant access modules, lift control, a wide range of card formats and access features to name only a few
  • Advanced communications interfacing options with four simultaneous communication tasks
  • Fully integrated IP communication capability
  • Powerful automation features with programmable outputs and analogue inputs
  • An extensive range of third party interfaces
  • Incredible flexibility for customisation.

Concept 4000 Access Control Features

Concept 4000 caters for a complete range of installations; it will meet your needs from a single door system through to global multi-site applications.

  • Fully intelligent four door access modules provide full offline operation
  • Cost effective two door access modules with offline cache functionality
  • Fully featured lift control with button feedback, destination reporting and high level interface options
  • Soft, hard, or timed anti-pass-back and door interlock functions across any combination of doors in the system
  • Dual user and card + PIN functionality
  • Monitoring of door forced, DOTL (door open too long), tongue sense and entry / exit buttons
  • Unrestricted access options via timezones, area status and more
  • Area On/Off control from a door reader without PIN codes or terminals
  • Extended door access times for disabled users
  • User counting facilities
  • Site code processing of a large range of Wiegand, magnetic stripe and many other formats
  • “Illegal card” and “too many PIN attempts” monitoring.

Concept 4000 brings you full system control with a few easy key presses.

  • Touchscreen Terminal delivers simple, intuitive control of lighting, building automation and security functions
  • Customisable LCD terminal with “help” screens
  • Powerful diary functionality allows custom messages
  • Keypad control by users of lighting, gates and other automation functionality
  • RF key fob support
  • SMS and DTMF control of areas and outputs.

Concept 4000 Security Features

The Concept 4000 offers unrivalled scalability and security capability in an affordable package. You will immediately see value in your investment.

The Concept 4000 delivers full coverage and reporting of security detection points, offering:

  • Advanced multi-tenancy monitoring across 250 areas
  • Support for special duress, panic, hold-up and suspicion alarm functions
  • Pulse counting and other customised input processing
  • Support for a wide range of wireless devices
  • Look-ahead reporting feature prioritises new alarms to override multi-break reporting
  • Walk test zone inputs
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment
  • Telephone line, power supply, battery and fuse monitoring.

The Concept 4000 is the industry leader in security communications providing the flexibility you need in any environment:

  • Powerful IP based communications (Ethernet, dial-up ISP and GPRS)
  • A single panel can support up to four simultaneous high level communication interfaces
  • Reporting in a variety of formats, including: Contact ID, SIA, IRFast, IP (GPRS, Ethernet), GSM, SMS and Securitel
  • Advanced backup reporting options
  • Reporting to multiple central stations and multiple client codes
  • Customisation of contact ID Event Codes on input reporting
  • Alarm mapping options allow customisation of contact ID point numbers on input reporting.

Automation Features

The Concept 4000 can be tailored to meet any automation need you may identify. In addition to the core security and access functionality, the platform provides powerful automation logic to cater for a broad range of complementary applications. Customisable macro logic allows flexible event triggering.
Analogue input support, such as temperature and pressure sensors. Event counting and user counting to trigger events &/or alarms. Powerful input and output programming options for control and monitoring via low-level interface.


Inner Range is the de-facto industry standard for integrating with other systems.  We offer an extensive range of high-level integration options to many other leading vendors in areas such as building management, automation, lift control, ERP and payroll systems. The Concept 4000 hardware platform works seamlessly with other powerful technologies such as:

  • AMX Control and Automation Systems
  • Clipsal C-Bus Energy Management
  • Crestron Control and Automation systems
  • Dynalite Intelligent Lighting
  • HPM iCONTROL Home Automation
  • Otis, KONE and Thyssen Krupp high-level lift interfaces
  • GSM Mobile Phone SMS control and reporting
  • Paradox and Visonic wireless remote control fobs, detectors and general-purpose transmitters
  • Insight Schematic interactive graphical control and monitoring software.

Custom Interfacing

Third parties and integrators can also write their own custom interface using the bi-directional serial ASCII protocols provided by the Concept 4000 “Terminal Emulator Module”, and/or the “Automation” Comms Task.

  • The Terminal Emulator Module allows a 3rd party product to provide a full user interface to the Concept 4000 through a 3rd party device (e.g. touchscreen) that simply mimics the Concept 4000 LCD terminal keypad and display.
  • The “Automation” Comms Task is a more sophisticated interface that provides a broad command set, and the ability to query the Concept 4000 and/or stream real-time review events.  This interface would be used where security system activity such as movement detection, arm/disarm state, etc., is to be used in 3rd party lighting and/or HVAC control logic, in addition to security system control.


In addition to the interfaces built-in to the Concept 4000, Inner Range TransTechnology solutions also allow the Concept 4000 to interact effectively with all major building automation and HVAC protocols: Bacnet, Bacnet/IP, Lonworks, EIB and Modbus to name just a few.

Over 150 lighting and energy management protocols such as ABB, Ademco, Honeywell, Siemens and Andover are also supported. IR-TransTech modules are factory configurable devices, which translate commands and replies between a Concept 4000 control module and the target 3rd party system, creating a seamless dialogue that requires no further technical input.

Insight Software Third Party Integration Features

To complement the range of Concept 4000 interface solutions, Insight software also supports various proprietary interfaces, a customisable COM (Component Object Model) interface, a Dynamic User Import Module and a Communicator Module providing automated pager, SMS and e-mail messaging.
Insight works seamlessly with products such as:

  • Popular DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and CCTV camera brands
  • Hotel PMS (Property Management System) applications
  • ERP/HR/Payroll systems
  • Student databases and/or Visitor management systems
  • Jacques Intercom Systems
  • Eko Tek lone worker protection and location tracking systems.