Kenwei Intercom Systems
Kenwei’s stylish and feature-packed Video intercoms are getting even better. Already ahead of the game with exceptional levels of customisation and enhancement, the new items include a pinhole door station and output relays enabling lift interfacing with systems like the Concept 4000. Incorporating sleek styling and utilising the latest in electronic technology – this is Kenwei’s best 4-wire Video Intercom system to date.
Apartment Video Intercom Solutions

Kenwei’s Apartment Video Intercom solution offers a stylish and unique addition to your apartment’s security and access control solution. These highly reliable 4-wire Video Intercom systems support up to 128 units and allows you to monitor the entry point from up to four Video Room Stations or your TV.

Additional Cameras
Depending on the system in question, up to 4 CCTV cameras can be added as additional video sources. These can be individually selected and viewed from each monitor.



Fermax is a Spanish family own business made for modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks. Established in 1949 the brand now operates in most countries around the world. Fermax is by far the best Intercom system for hi-rise residential and commercial buildings and it’s our preferred brand new installs. With its intelligent state of the art technology and elegant presentation Fermax Intercoms are very popular.

The System offers advanced access control functionality with easily programmable fobs and cards as well as pin entry access. For a free site inspection and for further information regarding specs send us an email or gives us a call.