An access control system needs to be we’ll planned and thought out in order to provide safe ease of access without compromising security. it can be as basic as a door controlled by an electric lock using coded keypads, access button, fob or card. As well as the small business or residential applications our systems are also deployed to multi-level, multi-user integrated hardware/software platforms offering expandable, flexible and highly secure intruder detection and automation.

These are some of the brands we install

PTZ1       PTZ1  

The EVO system is best suited for small to medium size applications that require access control functionality as well an arm/disarm intrusion system. The EVO security system can protect up to 192 points of detection for maximum security in your home or business. Your security professional can help you decide how much of that security is necessary for your individual space and requirements. You can always start small and expand your security as your needs grow; with EVO adding to your security is simple.

Inner Range Concept – Horizontal infrastructure requirements


If your organisation consists of complex networks and designed as a multidepartment business then your best option is Inner Ranges advanced access control and alarm system known as Concept. There are a few different options with the Concept brand for a perfect fit to your business.

  •  Operation on a proprietary encrypted RS485 LAN
    A system built around a Control Module with your selection of LAN modules. Typically, this will include input/output expanders, access control modules, keypads, RF modules and communication modules
  • Advanced security features. Sophisticated input processing, wireless device support and a significant range of reporting options
  • Comprehensive access features. Fully redundant access modules, lift control, a wide range of card formats and access features to name only a few
  • Advanced communications interfacing options with four simultaneous communication tasks
  • Fully integrated IP communication capability
  • Powerful automation features with programmable outputs and analogue inputs
  • An extensive range of third party interfaces
  • Incredible flexibility for customization.

GE Challenger–Vertical infrastructure requirements


A Challenger system is a good option to consider when dealing with high rises such as apartments, skyscrapers, hotels and so forth. The system can be easily sub-divided to allow multiple users with varies levels of authority.


  • Fully backwards compatible with existing Challenger V8 peripherals
  • Second RS-485 LAN to add capacity
  •  Up to 32 remote arming stations (keypad or reader) can be connected
  • Up to 1008 inputs and up to 512 programmable relay outputs
  • 96 access doors when using TS0867 or TS0866 in addition to 32 RAS doors when using TS0862
  • Challenger10 panel can store a total of up 10,000 events
  • 2,000 built-in users, with names and 10-digit pin
  • Programmable via LCD keypad arming stations or via Interlogix security management software
  • Management software computers may be connected via RS-232, USB, modem, or Ethernet
  • Each area in an area group must be configured to allow certain users (as specified by the user’s alarm group) to have permissions for arming, disarming, alarm reset, and for timing.
  • Inputs can be assigned to an area or area group
  • 10 simultaneous communication paths
  • Intelligent onboard power supply allows the panel’s power usage and battery charging to be checked via keypad
  • Multiple internal areas can now be linked to a perimeter area to control your site’s entry/exit procedures
  • Onboard Ethernet
  • Onboard USB
  • Onboard SD card
  • Simplified cabling to avoid the use of earth wires to Communications Earth Terminals (CETs)
  • Auto resettable fuse protection for LAN’s, Aux power and siren as well as internal protection for main power supply
  • Up to 99 areas which can be configured to partition even the largest site

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